where-we-came-from Our facility began as a DRTV spot editorial, finishing and distribution company that edited hundreds of DRTV spots and distributed tens of thousands of customized commercials. Over the years we've applied the same high level post production finishing to complex corporate productions and our graphics department has grown to produce opens for conferences and trade shows.   Our specialties in post are effects and finishing.  In graphics, our specialties are creating very, very wide screen opens, interstitials and speaker roll in videos.
Closed L

Have things changed.  We now edit on desktops with free or next to free software.  We do effects that used to take millions of dollars of equipment to create.  And in many cases, it's a simple button press to create that effect.  So you, our clients, don't really need a facility anymore.  You just need someone with talent and a decent computer.   So we've decided to close our facility and transfer things to my production company, B. Hamady Productions.  

at the controls

Bruce Hamady's has managed  post production and graphics projects for many agencies and corporations including Ketchum, DDB, Burson, Dell, KPMG, Intuit, Autodesk, Symantec, SAP and Informatica. He owns production equipment including a Red Helium S-35 8K camera and Zeiss primes.  He edits on Davinci Resolve and can live produce with remote camera feeds using VMix.

Scott Harris has art directed most of our motion graphics work for the past 7 years.  His past experience includes work an Animator at Western Images, The Filmworkers Club and as Creative Director at Visual Arts.
He's art directed our large screen openings for Dell, EMC and Intuit and broadcast spots and web programs for PennyMac.